My name is Judy, and I’ve never had a plan – or at least, never a long term one.

I distinctly remember the moment, in Year 11, when the girl I’d stuck with since playschool told me she was going to college. I was shocked – it turned out, most people I knew were doing the same thing. Where was my memo? Did everyone decide this together? ‘Me too,’ I said, and off I went. We never even hung out together again.

Pretty much every decision I’ve made since then has been the same; realising everyone else seems to know what they’re doing (this course at uni, to get this job, which incidentally shall make me rich and then I shall buy a house with the boyfriend I plan to meet by age 26 and marry by 30) and then following them, more out of FOMO and sheer panic than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I have a brain, but decisions have never been my forte. And I haven’t quite worked out how to know what I want yet.

So that explains the name – but I’m not here to endlessly witter on about plans or lack thereof. This is just my corner of the internet, a place to write, rant and play. Fittingly, I don’t have an exact plan for it; all I know is I need somewhere to put my thoughts, whether they’re about what’s on TV or what on earth I’m doing with my life as I get used to life after hitting the big 3-0. Thanks for joining in… and hey, let me know if you get any memos about any more of those plans, OK?

P.S. This is not a well-planned-people-bashing blog. I’m in awe of you planner people. You’re awesome. I just have no idea what it’s like to be you.


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