10 things you only know if you’re not a planner

Help me I'm poor


  1. Your diary is full and your next free weekend is in four months but you didn’t plan a single thing that’s in there yourself
  2. Everyone’s getting mortgages or getting a deposit and you’re spending all your money in Pret while renting an overpriced shithole
  3. You said you’d start getting fit at the same time as your unfit friend but so far you’ve been to the gym twice while your friend is running half marathons
  4. When people ask you what you want, your thought process is ‘I don’t know! Ooooh, it could be anything. So many options! What do you want? Maybe I will want it too!’
  5. Actually having to plan ahead for something ever is fucking terrifying
  6. Your friends will casually throw pensions into a conversation and you picture yourself hunched over a desk with a zimmer aged 89 because no one told you that’s a thing you do
  7. When your parents ask anything whatsoever related to your future your response is always a non-committal teenager-style shrug, because who knows?
  8. You’re kind of OK with the fact you might not ever get married because how do all these people know how to plan a wedding? Did you miss a class in school?
  9. You’re secretly terrified that all your female friends got a memo about freezing eggs/ensuring they have babies by a certain point and you will die alone because you trusted fate and you’re an idiot. Too far?
  10. You’ve no idea where the last ten years of your life went

Non-planners, what did I miss?



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