Jurassic World was a bit sexist. But it wasn’t because of the heels

Jurassic World

Source: jurassicworldmovie.com

At the weekend, in which I really did have nothing planned, a spontaneous night out turned into a sleepover, which turned into a duvet day, which turned into a quick evening with friends at the cinema to see Jurassic World. See how not having plans can help sometimes? TAKE THAT, PLANNERS.

Anyway, back to the film. It has been the longest time coming (is it really 22 years since the original? I don’t see how that’s possible) and oh my, was it worth the wait. So much so that it’s prompted a quick post from me, the Worst Blogger In The World. In fact, don’t even call me a blogger. I haven’t earned it. But anyway, I digress…

It wasn’t only Chris Pratt that made it brilliant (pause for the delicious memories). I loved that, much like that iconic door handle moment in the first, the excitement lay in the premise that dinosaurs are pretty intelligent. Aside from a few dodgy bits of script (‘Now she’s killing for sport’ – bit much to deduce from a few dead dinos, no?) it had it all and didn’t disappoint in the way that we were all scared it could have. The nods to the original, too, made it – who could forget those cars, that fallen banner – and it was great to see B.D Wong return as Dr Henry Wu, the man who technically started it all (aside from Hammond, of course).

The sexist thing? Yes, I get why it caused such a storm. Aside from getting very annoyed at her running in high heels (that just is not sensible – I would have loved it more if she’d thrown them into the waterfall, because BE PRACTICAL your life is at stake here), I disliked the way she was portrayed as a total bitch just because she wasn’t taking the day off from her pretty important, successful job in order to show her nephews around the park.

Did her sister honestly expect her to just be free and at their beck and call to show them around? Is she a cow because she cares about her job and her responsibility of working there? She of course becomes maternal in the end (still in her heels) promising never to leave them (though I loved how she swiftly walked off with her hot man the minute the sister arrived), while her assistant, another glam and non-child-friendly woman got eaten by not one but two dinosaurs at once. Harsh.

Despite that, it’s definitely one for the ladies, perhaps more so than the previous instalments, and of course that’s down to Chris Pratt. Who is this man? Where has he come from? Here he is in all his gorgeous splendour and I’ve only just learned his name. Yes, unlike the previous films we have some male eye candy (the idiot in the third doesn’t count) while the men, of course, have the gorgeous redhead in heels to look at. Win-win.

Oh yeah, and the dinosaurs are awesome too. Check this feature on the Telegraph out for a great interview with the man who originally made them happen.



2 thoughts on “Jurassic World was a bit sexist. But it wasn’t because of the heels

  1. I’m a bad bad person because I only watched the original film about three weeks ago and it wasn’t my favourite but that’s apparently because I should have watched it when I was 11 and less cynical. I think I might just skip over two and three and get straight to good stuff i.e. Chris Pratt and the world’s most unreal pair of heels!! xx

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  2. It definitely helped to be 11 but it is still one of the greatest films ever made! The second is worth a watch if you’re bored, the third not so much, but yes, Chris Pratt and the Hollywood-ness of it all might just get you interested… 🙂 xx


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